Latest docker image contains an old vesion of Katalon


I had setup pipeline on gitlab for katalon script execution. Scripts are updated on v9.5.0.

I tried to use latest dcoker image with

image: ‘katalonstudio/katalon’

Surprisengly, this image has Katalon version 8.6.9. Before that I was using 9.0.0 image which always has same Katalon version 9.0.0.

With “image: 'katalonstudio/katalon” scripts are not running,no error logs in report or in console logs.

Any feedback will be appreciated.


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Hi there,

Thank you very much for your topic. Please note that it may take a little while before a member of our community or from Katalon team responds to you.


Not surprising, I think.

The Tag value "latest" is just an anonymous string which the administrator of the docker image assigned.

The Tag value "latest" does not necessarily mean the verison of the contained software product to be the latest as of today.

If you want a docker image of a specific Katalon Studio version (e.g, ‘9.5.0’), you should explicitly specify the Tag value :9.5.0 in the command line as the purple arrow in the following screenshot points.

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Then why does the documentation climas using “katalonstudion/katalon” tag will always use latest Katalon version?

`image` : The Katalon Studio Docker image that the job runs in. By default, `katalonstudio/katalon` uses the latest version of Katalon Studio.

I am using gitlab integration for quite some time. katalonstudio/katalon tag always have latest available Katalon version.

Already mentioned that specific version so able to continnue my work. Thanks for suggestion.


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Ah, a good point.

It seems that Katalon did something different from what they wrote in the docs. Their administrator could be too tired and made a mistake.

It is up to you if you trust the Tag “latest” or not.