Docker katalon images with version tag

By using below command I am available to download the katalon docker image having version 6.2.2

docker pull katalonstudio/katalon@sha256:f01407bfac8c5adb6caafc2fba72b15706a33424dcb05ba69324fecb20bf9e64

While running katalon test scripts in docker it is automatically pulling the latest katalon image and after the scripts are running.
Is there any I can point it to the older katalon image so that I can run my scripts.


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use docker pull repo/imagename:tag

use the same tag when you do docker run blah blah

check for the available releases (tags) here:

Thanks for the response

Even though if we use the docker pull repo/imagename:tag it s downloading that tagged image but while running the docker command it is downloading the latest version of katalon image and after that, it is started executing the scripts.

@kumaraswamy_mekala did you read my second sentence? do it same also in docker run command …
(in fact you don’t need the pull at all, if docker run won’t find the indicated tag will pull it anyway)