Katalon Studio docker image updates

Hi @Katalon_team, @devalex88

Any plans to update the docker image to the latest one?

The latest version of Katalon Studio docker image is still on version 5.8.6, at one point 5.10.1 was available via tags but for some reason that one is not available anymore.

Katalon Studio is now on 6.1 version and it has been 4 months since the last update on the docker image.

I understand that the updates are not going to be available for every release (which is OK) but at least for major releases I would expect one (especially since 5.10 Katalon introduced overriding variables and that functionality is not available right now when using docker image)

Appreciate your hard work!


Hi. I’ve check and still see 5.10.1 tag is still on Docker Hub. Could you please help verify again?

There are issues with 6.0.x versions when running in CLI mode, so we will only publish 6.0.6 and 6.1.0.

Our apology for the slow pace of images publishing. Starting from 6.2.0 we will have new process for this.

hi @devalex88, thanks for your quick response and you are right about 5.10.1 tag… I looked in the github https://github.com/katalon-studio/docker-images/tags and 5.10.1 tag was not there and I just assumed it will be the same in the docker hub.

When I specify to use tag 5.10.1 it pulls the 5.10.1 version and overriding parameters works as expected.
However, if I dont specify tag and I just pull the latest tag then for some strange reason it pulls 5.8.6 and (as expected) overriding parameters does not work.

Anyway, I am happy to hear that there is a plan for keeping docker image more in sync with latest katalon studio image, and I will just pull 5.10.1 tag in the meantime.


We’ve released two images 6.0.6 and 6.1.0. Thank you for notifying us!

Regarding the latest issue, it might be because your docker has cache the old version on your machine. Please use a specific version or delete cached images and re-pull.

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