Katalon Studio Docker image tag 6.2.0 has little effect

Our CI setup broke when the latest Docker image got upgraded to Katalon 6.2.1. Therefore, I attempted to force the use of Katalon 6.2.0, to make the build work, while investigating the failure on 6.2.1. However, even when specifying :6.2.0, it is clear that it really is Katalon 6.2.1 that runs.

Operating System Ubuntu Linux

Katalon Studio Version 6.2.0 and 6.2.1

Log output (partial)from TeamCity

[11:11:19] Step 1/1 : Run (Command Line) (11s)

[11:11:19] [Step 1/1] Ant JUnit report watcher

[11:11:19] [Step 1/1] Starting: /usr/share/teamcity/buildAgent/temp/agentTmp/custom_script2734426606886909038

[11:11:19] [Step 1/1] in directory: /usr/share/teamcity/buildAgent/work/503035cb3e5efc01

[11:11:19] *[Step 1/1] rm: cannot remove 'report/’: No such file or directory

[11:11:21] [Step 1/1] 6.2.0: Pulling from katalonstudio/katalon

[11:11:21] [Step 1/1] Digest: sha256:8da9fd3990f9dd4d85b99d453ee0f37f48144fb09cfb8e576fa8acf8462a1d74

[11:11:21] [Step 1/1] Status: Image is up to date for katalonstudio/katalon:6.2.0

[11:11:22] [Step 1/1] + echo ‘Starting Katalon Studio’

[11:11:22] [Step 1/1] Starting Katalon Studio

[11:11:22] [Step 1/1] + cat /katalon/version

[11:11:22] [Step 1/1] Google Chrome 74.0.3729.131

[11:11:22] [Step 1/1] Mozilla Firefox 66.0.3

[11:11:22] [Step 1/1] Katalon Studio 6.2.1

Steps to reproduce
Run Katalon docker image :6.2.0
My script (replace **************** with your apiKey):

#!/usr/bin/env bash
#Delete reports from previous runs 
rm -r report/*
#Get the last known successful Katalon image (6.2.0)
docker pull katalonstudio/katalon:6.2.0
#Execute the TestSuiteCollection "TSC-eb"
#/dev/shm is mounted to give the docker image access to larger shared memory, avoiding starvation and exeptions
#Api-key is supplied, since Basic Reporting is now a plugin (since 6.1.5)
docker run -t --rm -v /dev/shm:/dev/shm -v "$(pwd)":/katalon/katalon/source katalonstudio/katalon katalon-execute.sh -retry=0 -statusDelay=15 -testSuiteCollectionPath="Test Suites/TSC-eb" -apiKey=**************** 

Expected Behavior
Katalon version 6.2.0 runs in the Docker container.

Actual Behavior
Katalon version 6.2.1 runs in the Docker container.

We found the solution, and I just thought I’d update this old topic if anyone with a similar issue should stumble over it… In order to force use of a specific tag of a docker image, we need to do two things:

  1. download the specific tag:
    docker pull katalonstudio/katalon:6.2.0
  2. run the specific tag:
    docker run -t --rm -v /dev/shm:/dev/shm -v “$(pwd)”:/katalon/katalon/source katalonstudio/katalon:6.2.0 katalon-execute.sh -retry=0 -statusDelay=15 -testSuiteCollectionPath=“Test Suites/TSC-eb” -apiKey=****************

We had left out the tag when running, which made docker default to running the most recent version of the image. Silly, but it had me snubbed for a while when I was new to Docker.

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