Options to run Katalon on Linux agent of TFS

we run our tests on Linux agent of TFS, where Katalon 6.1.1 is integrated in the form of a Docker image.
The last version of Katalon available in this form is currently the version 6.1.3 and it is hard to tell if/when a newer version will be released as Docker image. Meanwhile, Katalon v. 6.3.3 was already released and pre-release 7.0.0 exists.
We would like to use possibly the most recent version of Katalon in our CI/CD environment.
Is there some other way to call Katalon from the Linux agent than as a Docker image, please?


  • you can maintain your own docker image to have all the time the latest. or any version you like. i think the dockerfile used by the team is public and you can re-use it.
  • not sure what TFS is and how is working but you can try to deploy manually a standalone katalon on the agent machine and just run it via shell script. in the end, katalon installation is just grab-archive > unpack. the downside is, you have to be sure openjdk8 is available on the agent.

Thank you a lot, Ibus.

I hope it will be easy enough to create the image (never did that). I assume the files from https://github.com/katalon-studio/docker-images need to be downloaded
and the $KATALON_STUDIO_VERSION variable is to be set to the appropriate version id.
And then the image builder has to be invoked with the Dockerfile downloaded from https://github.com/katalon-studio/docker-images/blob/master/katalon/Dockerfile as a parameter.

Btw., TFS … Team Foundation Server

@wieko yeah, you have to grab those files and figure out how the scripts run.
i never did it also for katalon, hope you will figure it out. or you can create your own dockerfile, in the end you need an image with openjdk8, put chrome and firefox into it (and the drivers), grab katalon, unpack, set the entrypoint.

read a bit about how docker build is working before to start:

Thank you very much for your hints. I have no final results/confirmation on how things worked for me, as my work priorities were changed now. But I am quite sure I will need to get back to this some day and use your guidelines to fihish the creation of the Katalon’s Docker image.

@wieko yeah, i know the feeling.
if i will find some time i will play a bit with the dockerfile … but i cannot promise.
like you, i am also a victim of the agenda … :frowning: