Lack of transparency regarding Analytics roadmap/changes


We notice lately changes in Katalon Analytics that worry regarding the future of the tool.
We could not find any information about the roadmap and purpose of the changes made there during the last 4 weeks.
With the new enterprise version of Katalon preparing to launch, the fact that feature disappear from Analytics is troublesome. No explanation, no transparency about future to come.


  1. search by test suite name is no longer available (or the field that triggers a search call does not filter anything, regardless of the filter term). No search term exists in the API call.{“type”:“Execution”,“conditions”:[{“key”:“”,“operator”:“=”,“value”:“XXX”}],“functions”:,“pagination”:{“page”:0,“size”:30,“sorts”:[“id,desc”]},“groupBys”:}&_=1568716975659
  2. Missing profile names in listing of TestSuites + Tasks being disabled with no further explanations.

Please share some transparency for the future of this community.

Thank you,
Cornel Neacsu


Thank you for your sincere feedback. We will improve the release process of this product.

Hi @Neacsu_Cornel,

Thank you for your feedback.

After careful considerations, we will NOT remove Task. We will continue to improve this function as well as the integration with Jira.

Also, we’ve enhanced the filter and sort in Katalon Analytics with the search query to make it more convenient for you guys. Please have a look at this document.

Regarding the upcoming changes, we will make better announcement beforehand for our beloved users. Once again, we’re appreciative of your feedback.

I hope it helps.