Manage better with Katalon Analytics new release

The Katalon team is excited to release these brand new features for Katalon Analytics.

  • User Management: Now, a project’s Owner and Admin can change a user’s access control to a project, allowing the project management process to be more efficient and secure.

  • Project and Execution deletion: Katalon Analytics now allows a project or an execution to be deleted. Beware, the deletion is permanent, so delete with caution.

For more details, check out the linked documentation above.

Any feedback? We always welcome them!

Thank you for being a part of the Katalon family,

Katalon Team

Access Katalon Analytics.png

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Question of Performance - can we change the number of results shown in the Performance graph ? I’m seeing only the last 20 results but have many more uploaded.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


can we pass Analytics-related parameter in testsuite execution command line (Katalon Studio console mode) for which project id to upload the results?

it’s good to have the sorting feature in Analytics, but it should provide a customized sorting that I prefer for general usage. I really think the current default sorting of showing the last testcase first in the test report is not quite right, it should be the other way around.