Katalon Analytics feature

I just installed Katalon version 5.0 and I really like the new Katalon Analytics feature. I accidentally uploaded my results a second time and did not see how I can delete an execution from the analytics web page. Is that possible yet? Thanks for all the hard work providing the community with an amazing and free tool!

Hi there,

It is not possible to do it at the moment. We will consider about it soon for Katalon Analytics.


I wonder if we will be able to run Katalon analytics localy, not be depended on your webservice. Will this be possible? If so, we can consider using that feature.

We would like to be able to run Katalon Analytics locally as well.

Hi all,

Yes in the future we will have KA as a self-hosted packages so users can deploy it locally

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please add the label of Bug type, bug severity, and bug priority in katalon analytical feature so it might be more useful for developers and tester both .