[KS 9.0.0] Blank error popup when saving captured items, and other errors with duplicated items

KS v9.0 is introducing bunch of nuisance bugs…

#1 I get this weird blank error dialog when I’m saving captured items.

#2 Also when I attempt to save an webElement which has only some common properties with other elements… it thinks it’s a dup item.

#3 lastly, when I attempt to save the item as a dup object, it literally adds a dup in the captured object window and the save object window. This is confusing and odd behavior.

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Hi there @ashraf.madina,

Thank you for letting us know about the bugs that you encountered.

I have moved your post into the Bugs Report category so that it would get better visibility from our Product team. Please feel free to change the topic’s name or provide more information if needed.

I am also tagging in our team members here (@xuan.tran & @Shin & @Elly_Tran ) so that they could take a look at your error.


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