Cannot save any more changes to object repository

After I certain point of saving test cases and being asked if I want to overwrite, merge, etc. the objects in the repository, Katalon will prevent me from saving it anymore. An error window appears without any descriptive text.

The only way I can get around it is by creating a new repository under a new name.

Any ideas on how to manage this?

Please post screenshots of the problem.

Please mention what version of Katalon.

Please mention what OS and version you are using.

Please, don’t make us guess.

Katalon v 8.1.0
Windows 10 Enterprise

Moved to Bug Reports.


It looks to be a bug. We, forum users, would not be able to help you at all for a bug. You deserve Katalon developer involved.

Do you have a payed license?

If yes, you should raise a Bug ticket at

as Katalon team may not read your post above. @Jass wrote at ERROR c.g.k.c.s.impl.WebSocketServiceImpl - Web socket connection closed due to BufferOverflow raised by Tyrus client. [It might be realated to @SetUp, @TearDown in Katalon]

the forum support is voluntary and pretty much relies on our community users to help each other. There is no a specific person in the Katalon team to be accountable for providing support on Forum. As a KSE and KRE user, you can support a Zendesk ticket for better support as we have dedicated people there.

Hi Philipal,

Could you provide a video on your behavior before and when the bug happen, does this bug happen to you before or just recently? Roughly how many time you overwrite before this happen?
I understand the bug here but the provided info seem vague, a step by step to reproduce would help since I try to overwrite several time but nothing happen.

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