KRE Licensing questions

I am using old version 5.6 Katalon from almost 2 years. In case if I have to use new system ? after April , Do I need to purchase License ?

At the time I’m writing this response,

  1. You will not be able to activate a NEW copy of an old release (where old=v6, v5 etc).

  2. You can continue using previously registered copies of old releases.

IOW, if you try to reinstall old versions AFTER the sunset date, they will not work.

As for the future, my crystal ball USB interface is broken. An no one knows how to fix it. Sorry.

I do agree with this post.

Any alternative to Katalon? I will move out ASAP, how knows if tomorrow they create a new license to use Katalon with pants or something similar.

Katalon guys, this new business model is your death warrant in the community, the same community that support you at the beginning.

Good luck!

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Seems you moved in a day ago just to say you’re moving out? :roll_eyes:

The site statistics suggest otherwise.

The thing that people bemoaning the licensing model don’t seem to understand is that KRE being free was rife for abuse. Used by large enterprises with potentially many hosting environments and myriad targets means that KMS were funding profit-making companies without ANY benefit to themselves.

If you think that makes good business sense I’d question your abilities as a testing engineer.

Designing, building and producing a prime testing tool is neither cheap or free.

Testing commercial software with a prime testing tool is not a charitable give-away.


In addtion to previous asnwers … yes, there are plenty (alternatives)
As for the frustration regarding the licensing schema … well.I was frustrated too. Buut, an true qa engineer may distinguish between an close-source project (as katalon always was, with few components beying opensourced later) and an opensourced (and potentially free) tool from the roots

A community that you’ve literally just joined, and have not provided any support for whatsoever :laughing:

More to the point: I wouldn’t expect anyone to work for free, and that’s essentially what you are asking the Katalon team to do.

  • Ive been using Katalon for two years, I literally just joined the community with this mail, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have another one.

  • I am not expecting that you work for free, it’s not fair.

  • Also it’s not fair force move on version 7 blocking the activation for previous releases.

Deprecated software means not support or evolutions anymore, you are killing the previous and free versions to force everyone to pay. Now I only have two options, move out or negotiated with kinnapers. For the first option I can estimate time and effort, for the second option I don’t know if in short-term there is new conditions.

Honestly guys, you did a really good job with Katalon, everyone knows soon or later the license system will come but not in this way. It’s the annoying part of this situation.

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Hi Russ,

Sonit looks like I might only be able to procure licenses at the end of Aug.
Does this mean my 6.3.3 docker images will fail after April?


Some people are reporting that 6.x is already failing to activate but I don’t know how reliable that info is.

According to devs, at this moment it is failing for new accounts, for old accounts should still work.
After April, all activation of 6.x will stop … so yeah, the docker image will be unusable if the API key is used at runtime (for grabbing plugins). If API key is not used, it may still work … provided you have a local copy of the image (chances are that old images to be discarded from repo)

come one guys, this is really not a great way of attracting new clients!!!
the activation also now does not work when sing 6x???
when was this communicated?

I’m not trying to attract clients. You’re making assumptions.

Unfortunately that move disappointed me too. When I started using Katalon I was in charge of automating a simple user task involving a web application. I choose between Selenium and Katalon and now I am greetly regretting that choice. I developed a single test case that performed that automation. The automation would be running once every three months. I cannot justify the Katalon license cost for such a task. I spent a few days developing that automation and now I have to redo everything from scratch. And that’s a cost on me. I think that good job should be paid and I wouldn’t question a decision to charge for Katalon new features. On the other hand, I think that one should keep a promise. Katalon should release older version to open source, remove the need of activation and allow re-installation in case of need in order to keep their word.

If you are truly only running one test case periodically, the free version should work fine for you without any disruption.

Actually not because:

  • I embedded the test case in a script that perform a few things and then launch katalon.exe from command line
  • I need to move the script to a new server
    By the way, while previous versions will sunset at the end of April, today is not possible to activate a new installation (that may buy me some time) of older versions because they dismissed the activation server (sigh!). I insist that they should keep their word and keep older versions available at the past terms. That implies removing the activation block from older versions. I hope that they will take a second thought and not let me and more others people disappointed.

Sorry but do all of you people work for free???

How do you think the Katalon engineers are supposed to get paid??

I think its a really sad & disturbing world when people moan about not getting something for free.

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Its a COMPANY!! They are generally about profits, no?? Or do you work for free?

Hello everyone,

You’re recommended to read this announcement regarding the consolidation of both Katalon Runtime Engine DevOps and Floating licenses into one licensing offering, Floating .