We need to have a paid license to run command line when katalon version starts from 7.x

I want to know we have to need a paid license if we run in command line with katalon 7.x


Hello @KingZ

If you want to ask if you need a paid license for console mode execution, the answer is yes. Specifically, you need a Runtime Engine license. Please read more about the license, activation, and usage of Runtime Engine and its pricing policy.



So after April 2020 there will be no option to run it via command line without a licence ? Or I will still be able to use 6.3. My Company wont pay for the licence and all my work migrating our QA to Katalon will be pointless without chance to use it as a part of CI :frowning:

You can use version 6.3 to integrate CI :smile:

Question is if it will be allowed after april 2020

GUI may work if is already activated …
however, new activations won’t work anymore after the sunset.
as for the CLI running … it may work if you don’t use API key options. aka … no reports generated, since to generate reports you have to grab the basic report plugin at runtime which require the plugin to be activated in your store and the usage of the apikey parammetter
same for any other plugin from the store

Good point but it would be great to have it clarified officially ? We are just starting with Katalon in our company and for now just need some basic things plus reports. 6.3 is perfectly fine yet wothout reports it is going to be useless in CI

Except there’s a critical flaw in 6.3: successful retried tests still result in a failed Jenkins job </3

You can use 6.1.3 version where apikey not required

I don’t think this is a ‘critical flaw’ but lack of understanding of how jenkins works.
whatever process runs in a script with an exit code different than 0 will cause jenkins to mark the job as failed. most probably, re-executing failed tests, Katalon ends with a different than 0 one, which IMHO is a feature, not a bug, so one can distinguish if it was re-executed or the suite has passed from the first run (unless katalon ends with same exitcode when re-executed/passed and when failing, in such case it can be considered a bug)
The exitcode can be treated if you set-up the jenkins job properly

“(unless katalon ends with same exitcode when re-executed/passed and when failing, in such case it can be considered a bug)”

This is exactly what’s happening. If you retry a test, and it passes successfully, the exit code is still ‘1’, not 0. It’s a known issue in 6.3.x, that they’re only fixing in v7.0 of KS (Now KRE?)

@jhowell are you sure is 1? you can add an echo ‘blah’ in your script to check it.
(i am lazy to do it)
if yes, meah … bad luck
if not 1 (and ofcourse is not 0) you can capture it and mark the job as unstable or even passed
or … do an if else and whatever is not 0 make it 0 … but this is a veeery ugly solution

other possible solution … use a postexecution script, based on the previous script exitcode, parse jenkins output for some clues (if it was re-executed and last run passed) and so on

Confirmed it’s a 1. Here’s the github issue documenting the behavior, just as a reference:

@jhowell ok so … consider to convince your managers to buy an rte license … or to increase your salary to provide an workaround.
we share your salary increase (you pay for my consultancy in beers for a full working solution)

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Yeah, we’re looking into licensing now. Thanks for your responses :slight_smile:

god dammit! another bussines oportunity exhausted …

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@Ibus I’ll gladly send you some beers for a working solution to this issue. This issue was brought up back in 2018 and in 2019 Katalon said it was fixed twice in v6.x but never was. Now they say it is going to be fixed in v7. My manager has seen the bogus fails as they get sent to slack channel he keeps an eye on, so I had to explain about the bug.

Now I can’t go back to him and say we have to pay for something to get the fix to the known bug that has been there since 2018. He will have no confidence that I picked the right tool that was promised to remain free and now we have to pay for it to get this fix.


I feel bamboozled. What a shame that they pulled a bait and switch tactic. What’s next charging for recording. I have a lack of confidence in this team doing what is right.


I agree. There is also no guarantee the license price won’t go up and keep going up every year. The Company refuses to honor a fixed license price.