KRE 9.3.0 any gain in execution time


I just upgrade my KRE from version 8 to version 9.3.0.

The reason for this decision is that after reading the release notes, they promised a 25% runtime reduction.

I have just done the tests and I see that there is no gain in execution time. Worse still, I find that the old version is more stable than this version 9.

your experience?

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Thank you so much for letting us know this concern. It will be very great if you can bring this to our Ask Katalon Anything event over here: [Coming Soon] Ask Katalon Anything - Feb 26 to Mar 04, 2024 🪄 and discuss with our PMs about this. Cannot wait to see you there!

You should try allocating more memory to JVM. See



As far as I observe in the Performance Monitor of Mac OS, Katalon Studio v9.0 occupies at least 1.8GB runtime. So -Xmx2048m is tight; not sufficient.

Try this:


With more memory allocated, it is likely the process of your test cases run faster.

I have no concrete idea about KRE performace, but I think that any software upgrades tend to consume more memory to implement new features. Software is a gas. Katalon assinged the default -Xmx2048m several years ago (version 5.x possibly). They should have increased the default value appropriately. But they haven’t ever reviewed it.