KRE Speed up the launching of the engine

Hello !

I am using Katalon runtime engine on Mac Catalina and I have some question about it before buying some licence.

First I find the launching very slow, most of my automation are running in less than 30s but when running KRE, there are 35/40s of launching. First step of test is running after 20s of the launching

  • Does the offline licence can speed up things ? It hangs around 10s for online activation at the moment, maybe this is because I only have a trial licence ?

I am using Customs Keywords, in order to connect some API like Google Sheet, when KRE is parsing the custom keywords, there are many logs like this:

/%Users%xxxxxxxx%Katalon Studio%xxxxxxxx%xxxxxxxxx.prj/Libs/CustomKeywords.groovy: 23 Groovy:unable to resolve class readgoogleSheetsPKG.ReadGoogleSheets

I don’t have those logs when launching the tests cases from the Studio Environment, I try to add / remove, change libs but I really don’t point the problem :frowning:

  • Do I have something to change with keywords in order to make KRE quiet ?

About Licencing:

  • After converting a licence into an offline one, do I have to buy a new licence after 2 months or is it the same I have to activate every 2 months ?

  • Is there a way to test an offline licence before buying / converting a licence, really want to see the speed gain if one ?

Thanks you,