Why is KRE running slower after V9.2.0?

My team and I have been using KRE V9.1.0.

Our tests are running noticeably slower after upgrading to V9.2.0.

We are seeing about a 400% increase in runtime, where our average time was around 15 minutes and now, we are seeing times as long as 60-75 minutes when running dynamic test suites with ~8-10+ tests.

The tests themselves have not changed, and it looks like our only changing factor has been the KRE version.

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Hi @jjmay, :wave:

It appears that you are one of our paid users; hence, we will be looping in our Product Support team here who will be able to assist you (@product-support).

Alternatively, you could also contact our Product Support team - and receive faster responses - via:

We hope this helps,
Albert from Katalon Community team

@jjmay did you create a support ticket?

If you have not yet, let us know what types of testing you’re doing. Is it Web/Mobile/API/Desktop?

If it’s mobile, we made some changes between 9.1 and 9.2. Please confirm the appium version as well.

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Hi Albert, I’m still awaiting feedback from your Product Support Team. Can you get someone to come follow up on this post please?