Katalon should use windows explorer

Hi Developer Team,

We are having trouble in navigating to the folders while Saving Report and Opening Project.
Tree structure navigation takes so much time (“Browse For Folders”), rather we need windows explorer view.

We wanted this to be windows explorer window, like other tools. This is going to save our time like anything.

Thanks in advance

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That image is a Windows Explorer window specifically designed and used to browse for (and make new) folders.

What would you prefer instead?

Hey @Russ_Thomas i guess i can understand @venkatapradeep 's problem. I would like to use the Explorer Window you get when clicking on save as in most Applications and Programs but for me at least i just saved the Projects in to a easy to reach file directory…

What specific save action in Katalon are we talking about?

Its not from katalon… But its an example for what window would be nice to have…
For the screenshot i used word save as…

My question remains - what specific action in Katalon are we talking about?

Oh sorry,
For opening a project for example… I guess it would be nice to be able to Copy-Paste paths to the project you want to open. If your project is in Path D:\WebApplication\Testing\UserName\ProjecName for example it can be annoying to navigate there everytime you open a project which is not Quicklinked in Katalon…

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Well, let’s see what the devs think.

Personally, I’d like to see studio support command line options:

> katalon.exe -p path\myproject

That’s katalon.exe, not katalonc.exe