[Katalon Webinar] Software Testing Trends 2019 — Stay Ahead of the Game


The year 2019 continues to witness the tremendous changes in technology and digital transformation, requiring organizations to constantly innovate and reinvent.

To help you get ready for the game, Katalon and ToolsQA are collaborating to host the very first webinar of the year:


What you will learn from this webinar:

  • Primary trends of all testing activities in 2019 and beyond
  • Increased adoption of Continuous Testing in Continuous Delivery in the cloud
  • Increased usage of AI/ML in test coverage assessment and analytics
  • More growth in API automated testing
  • How to leverage Katalon Studio to stay agile with the trends


Thank you for interest in the webinar. We hope you enjoyed the presentation.

If you were not able to join over 500 attendees at the event, worry not! You can still watch the presentation again here:

Top questions from the audience:

Is the demonstrated Katalon Test UI? Can Katalon test UI with high javascript dynamically loaded components?

>>> Yes, Katalon can work with high dynamic JS UI. It also depends on the technologies of your AUT whether the objects can be easily detected. Katalon Studio is built on Selenium FW if Selenium can detect and recognize the objects then Katalon can.

In Katalon Studio, can you get property values from responses and add it to the global property to be used by other tests?

>>> Yes. You can get property values from responses and add as global variables in Katalon Studio.

Can you parameterize authorization values like the header or url? Can the authorization tab directly read from global properties?

>>> Yes, Katalon Studio does support parameterize variables value. See details documentation here.

Can you run created tests with Gradles or Maven?

>>> Unfortunately, No.

Can you import API definitions from Swagger?

>>> Yes. See documentation here.

Does Katalon support Xcode 10?

>>> Yes, it is planned in our backlog for future releases. If you would like to have this support asap, please consider subscribing to Katalon Support Service. Feature requests will be prioritized to evaluate for implementation.


Is it going to be recorded? The time is completely out of my time zone.

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I would also like to know this…

@Marek_Melocik @Mate_Mrse

Yes we’ll be recording the event. Just register then we can send you a recap after the webinar.

Nice, thank you @Hanh_Tran

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can we use TFS pipeline for CICD , also any future plan to TFS also as a repository like Git?


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Yes, see this example: https://github.com/rycornell/scripts/tree/master/tfs/katalon

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Anyone else wondering when the webinar is about to start?

Disappointing seminar.

The first half hour was spent quoting statistics which (if one were interested) could be gleaned from articles around the web.

We’re an hour in at this point and what it has turned out to be is a beginner’s introduction to Katalon Studio for API testing. There is nothing wrong with that, but it is not what was advertised:

I’ll gloss over the “borrowing” of the term “agile” in this context but really, presenting this seminar as something that experienced testers might find insightful is a bit of a stretch (if not disingenuous).

"Yes, but it’s free!"

Sorry, no, it’s not. My time is certainly not free, especially when it’s wasted.

Additional feedback: Zoom software. Chat window. The font is so small it is all but unreadable on a hi-res monitor.

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What time does the meeting starts? In e-mail, there is following time: 1:00 PM (EST) | Tuesday, January 22, 2019
I started the zoom app and it says the meeting starts at 7 PM. Thank you.

Hi Jiri,

I think that meeting is already over. It was scheduled at 1 PM EST and Russ already wrote some comments regarding to the meeting above.

I enjoyed the Webinar for a couple of reasons. First, it spoke to some of the questions that have been floating around our team who is new to test automation.

  • Testers don’t need to worry about losing their jobs–their focus is shifting from manual testing to automation.

  • Developers can increase their involvement in testing by identifying and creating test objects (and even writing tests for testers to maintain).

  • Unit testing and continuous builds are not enough. Soon it will be normal to deploy applications and run automated smoke tests in the browser multiple times each day.

Second, half of the presentation focused on how to test RESTful APIs. For a seasoned developer, this may be common sense. But for a tester, who is not normally familiar with the tiered architecture, distributed systems, APIs, and REST, it could be a powerful eye-opener.

As a developer, when I have a bug, one technique I often employ is to manually execute the REST endpoints. This is a quick indication whether the bug exists in the client (if the REST endpoints are working as expected) or in the server/back-end (if they are not). Automating these kinds of tests could be a huge win in time-savings alone. For some in the audience, the second half of the Webinar may been a valuable gem.


I registered for this seminar but i didn’t receive any recording. Kindly please share the recording.


Hey… I have registered for the webinar but I didn’t receive any recordings. Can you please share the recording asap.


Send me the record too please!


Hi all,

The recap blogpost and video will be sent out today.

Thank you for your support and interest.



Hello, I attended the webinar and had a question with one of the trends AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning).

Was wondering if Katalon does accommodate for any or if this is something that may be introduced in the future?


Well said Russ . Lot of things were not covered even nothing was covered.
If Katalon wants to cover industry and have a strong hold ,they need to start working on better webinars.

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FYI: The head post has been updated with links. But here is what most people seem to be asking: