[Katalon Webinar] Software Testing Trends 2019 — Stay Ahead of the Game

By the time the webinar was coming to an end, I was wanting for more.
I had huge expectations from the webinar, few of which weren’t met like:

  • We didn’t touch much in detail - how ML / AI is going the change the game (from testing perspective)
  • For a newcomer who doesn’t know about Katalon, these should be have been a demo to make them comfortable before jumping on the complex API Testing stuff
  • Quite a few questions were left to be answered later on but I can’t see those questions posted here and hence the answers were missing

Looking fwd for future follow-up webinars to know in and out wrt Katalon Studio. Cheers! Pankaj

@manasa @jyothirmayi.yaddanap @e.vorobiev The recap email has been sent out. You may also watch the presentation again here.

@Russ_Thomas @Harold_Owen @Vijay_Singh @pankaj.girdhar - Thank you for your valuable feedback. It will help us a lot to deliver more high-quality events in the future.


Hi @Manish6,
We are developing the intelligent features for both Katalon Studio and Katalon Analytics which are powered by AI/ML that will be introduced soon.
Thank you for your interest :slight_smile:

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Hanh, Could you please let us know what kind of AI/ML features would be included?