Katalon Unused Object Case sensitive Issue

Hi All, How does katalon checks for unused object internally. does katalon checks for exact match ? assume i have test object 'button_Submit" and i write the test script as ‘WebUI.click(findTestObject(‘demo/button_Submit’))’ then these object is consider as used but if i write the same line like this WebUI.click(findTestObject(‘demo/button_submit’)) it will consider the button_Submit as Unused objects. interestingly if i navigate to that object from both the line of code it redirects me to same object. but while checking for unused objects it somehow consider it as unused. can someone throw some light on this please on how to handle this issue as our alot of scripts are written where there is a case difference. I really dont know how did this happend as we mostly used drag and drop functionality while creation of scripts. @Katalon_team