Cannot record windows desktop application


I saw some announcement that we can test desktop applications using Katalon Studio 7.0.5.

But I cannot continue recording because my application is hidden.

When starting to record the application will load into an area called “Screen View Panel”.

IF I do any click in the application then the application gets hidden from the “Screen View Panel”.

To my surprise though application is not visible, still we can click on the invisible area from our memory about control position and the control click will work and even script will generate. But we cannot continue without seeing anything I have herewith attached the screenshot showing my issue.

Please help to solve this so that, I can start doing recording for my first Desktop application.

with regards,

Try putting Delay between Start application & Click. Also after Click use Switch to application may help.

Hi @narendra.thakkar

Thanks for the reply.

We are getting the above issue during recording process. Once the recording scripts are saved, it is working as expected.

You need to open first the application you want to test.
then start recording…

Am using 3 windows screen…
it will find the application on screen view

Thanks for the reply @alexander.inci

We are also getting the same in screen view panel as you posted but while performing actions, screen view panel is getting collapsed or blanked out and we are not able to record the actions.

@alexander.inci are you able to record actions without any issues which was explained above.

If you are able to do the actions without any issues, kindly share how you have recorded.

Thanks in advance.

slect the object. when you click on object you will see which one it is.

Select the action

I´ve got some warning when to record and am not sure why this is not possible when am trying to SetText.

This can be why it is beta version. the tool is not complete yet.

Hi @alexander.inci,

Please try to set text on an Edit element. The Text element is a label so you cannot set text on it.


Ok, I can setText, but when I am trying to play the test case is not working.


Please change the Locator Strategy of the Edit element from Tag name to XPATH.


Hi @duyluong

Is there any common place to set the Locator Strategy as like Web Locators in previous versions.

And also kindly let me know is Web Locators in Settings menu is removed or moved to some other menus.

Please correct your XPATH, the first Edit element XPATH should be:

  1. //Window/Custom[1]/Custom[1]/Edit[1]
  2. //Edit[1]

When recording actions, you can change and evaluate the element locator by switching to the Captured Objects and press Highlight button


Web Locators setting now is a part of KSE, you can see it when you have KSE license:

Thanks @duyluong for sharing the brochure.

OK. I see …it is /Custom[2] that is wrong.

Hi @duyluong

Can you provide any solution for the below

Thanks in advance.

When pressing Refresh Screen, Katalon Studio will use WinAppDriver to capture the current application. The WinAppDriver will try to active your app and take a screenshot from it. The black screen means the WinAppDriver itself cannot active your app from taskbar. To avoid this, you need to:

  • Option 1: Split screen likes alexander’s solution: Cannot record windows desktop application (recommended).
  • Option 2: When the black screen appears, you need to click on your app on taskbar, then press Refresh Screen again.


Thanks @duyluong for the update