Trouble opening and recording windows application, not recognizing the apps windows

When using the Windows Action Recorder for my application there is a few weird things going on.

  1. My application opens up, but Katalon says unable to open remote connection.

  2. My application opens up, but Katalon doesn’t read any of its objects it instead captures Katalon’s objects and when I try to refresh on Katalon my app’s window gets minimized and it only captures Katalon objects again.

  3. When using zoom to show what was happening to tech, Katalon only captured zoom’s elements instead of our application. When testing with notepad Katalon correctly captures the target windows objects.

So I guess my first question we hope to get answered is can parameters be added to the application file when Starting the recorder because what we believe is happening is that because our application has multiple windows during the start up Katalon is thinking it failed to open the application.

Another problem we think is causing the issue is that our the login and first window aren’t the same windows as say notepads (something I can ask to find out what they actually are from tech) and might be causing Katalon to think the application isn’t currently opened.

Any suggestion on what might be happening or how to get Katalon to recognize my app’s windows would also be appreciated.

What I believe the issue is, is the user the task is run as. Is the task running as a service? If so, what account is the service run under and can we change that if necessary. It seems to be a permissions error of the task reading from our C drive.

Hi @dreadman,

These issues caused by WinAppDriver cannot detect your application. You should download KS version 7.1.1 or later. We introduced the Application Title text box that allows you can add the Window title of your application. This option will help us can detect your right application better and eliminate the limitation of the WinAppDriver.