Katalon TestOps usage

I have a below question,
I am using Katalon studio(free) and a liscences Run time engine for Jenkins integration.
I have access to Katalon Testops as well.

Can i add users to see only for Katalon TestOps without any additional liscences?

Please guide me


@saminkit Hi! You can add members to your Organization on TestOps. Please visit this doc for more details: https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-analytics/docs/kt_invite_user_org.html

Note that if your organization has KRE licenses, your member can also access KRE. Hope that helps :slight_smile: Let me know if you have further questions.

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I am using node locked license.Will I be able to invite other users to see my Organisation’s Testops page and Test run reports without adding any extra liscence.

Thanks! @my.nguyen, The link helps.