Do we need to install Katalon TestOps?

hi guys,
i am still trying to familiarize with katalon product. I need to install the the katalon studio ent by unzipping, but did not seem to find the installer for katalon testops. Is katalon testops strictly cloud-base? if that is the case, how is organization manage all the test projects on system that is not connected to the internet?


You don’t need Katalon Testops to use Katalon studio.
Testops is just an orchestration platform (which can be used with other testing frameworks also, not only with Katalon).

If your system is not connected to the internet there is no real benefit from it.
Please note, also, for such case you need an offline license for KSE / KRE.

Also, on-prem solution is no longer available for this product, see:

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hi bionel,
just to make sure if I get you correctly, so previously katalon TestOps used to be availably as a standalone installer?

without the K TestOps, how the admin/ owner going to issue/ manage the user licenses? things like registering the email etc.


You should fix a rude typo in the title “ketalon” => “Katalon”.

Yes it was. But at that time I don’t think it was managing the licences, as far as I remember Katalon Studio was just free long time ago.

The admin will manage the licences from TestOps Cloud.
If an offline license is needed, will be downloaded and transferred to the machine subject to licence.
I see no impediment here.

See here for guidance:


so, on short:

  • the user of the offline machine get’s the machine ID and send it to the account admin

  • the account admin generate a licence, downloads the .lic file and send it to the user

  • the user install’s the .lic file on the machine.

easy peasy!

I fixed the typo.

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Hi Judith,

Katalon TestOps is a stand-alone cloud solution, you can integrate it with Katalon Studio for multiple purpose, find out more here