Katalon TestOps - Test Suites absent from Execution pages

Seems to have started happening a few days ago but when I look at the Executions page it appears that only a few test suites in test suite collections are being logged, as the tests run it seems to replace finished test suites with ones that are running. I’ve tried re-importing but it only seems to grab a few of the test suites rather than all in the collection

I have same problem.

Can confirm the behavior is still present regardless of how many times I try to re-import the run

Hi all,
There is an issue in parsing execution with test suite collections. We will release a fix for this issue this week.


@Thong Still not good. Many duplicate results (test runs).

Please make sure you don’t upload duplicate log files. Could you tell me how you upload test results to TestOps?

I tried to re-upload test results from Katalon Studio yesterday - no change.
The missing ones were completed this morning and duplicates were also displayed in Katalon TestOps.

You can try delete execution and reimport again. TestOps parses results base on your log files, so when you upload duplicate log files, the results are parsed twice.

Thanks, it worked.

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