Cannot execute test suite collection

When i try to execute a test suite collection, it execute only the first test suite and then it stay on the page whitout doing something. At the end it doesn’t give you any failures or errors. how can i resolve it ?!ArwID-MMw7-E3sxEb9kSNh0Y8-Nc4w

Hi there,

This is my test suite collection using your project: Other test suites have been executed properly. Please double check again from your side or consider my solution above to observe which test suite is running or not

I suppose the second test suite has been running but you don’t get notifications from ‘Log Viewer’ tab. Please try to click on eye icon ( and select the in-progress test suite

Is it possible to share me your project so that I can take a look at?

I’m pull out my comment I see the eye drop down now and can see my other tests. would be nice though if it auto updated log viewer to show what is running

@Katalon_team - picking up on the comments in this thread, would it be possible as a future enhancement to the test suite collection that all run tests are shown within the log viewer, rather than just the first one?