Katalon studio keep on refreshing for each action i performed in the IDE

HI there,
I’m using Katalon studio 8.6.5
Every action I performed under my test scripts such as
1.clicking an object
2.opening a test case
3.deleting a object
4.renaming a object
5.opening a object

the following screen comes in the middle of the Katalon studio IDE and it is blocking me.

Is anybody facing the same can u provide me with a solution? I experienced this on my old system so I changed my system with 16 GB ram and 1 TB SSD. but still I’m facing the same in my new system too.

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I have not seen that problem specifically, but I have seen the editor doing something very similar. It’s always because somehow (i don’t know exactly how), Katalon has managed to open the .groovy source file alongside my regular script file *at the same time. If I save the regular script, then close the .groovy file, the problem goes away.

Hope that helps…