Katalon Studio, memory issue adding variables for data driven testing

Hi, we are doing data driven automation and Katalon has increased in size from 500M to nearly 3.9Gig! There seems to be a big memory issue adding varables to a test case, then mapping to test suite and spreadsheet.

i have attached 2 screen snapshots with memory sizes.




Hi, I saw the template posted for use but when i signed in here, i didn’t see any template just this input box and can attached snapshots.

Details: Windows 10, Katalon Studio,Version: 5.7.1,Build: 1,

added about 30 or so variables to test case (variables tab and inside script).

I have attached 3 more images, these showing spreadsheet with 1 record of variable data,

test case script sample, test suite variable mapping, etc

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On my Mac, I have Katalon Studion 5.7.1.

I have the katalon.ini file at /Applications/Katalon Studio.app/Contents/Eclipse/katalon.ini

In the os console, I checked the katalon.ini file where you can find the runtime configuration for Eclipse = Katalong Studio. The following shows mine.

:Eclipse$ pwd
/Applications/Katalon Studio.app/Contents/Eclipse
:Eclipse$ ls
artifacts.xml	features	katalon.ini	plugins
configuration	jre		p2
:Eclipse$ cat katalon.ini
-startup ../Eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.3.201.v20161025-1711.jar --launcher.library ../Eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher.cocoa.macosx.x86_64_1.1.401.v20161122-1740 -data
config -vm ../../Contents/Eclipse/jre/Contents/Home/jre/lib/jli/libjli.dylib

I found


is specified.

As java tells,

_Specifies the maximum size, in bytes, of the memory allocation pool. This value must a multiple of 1024 greater than 2 MB. Append the letter k or K to indicate kilobytes, or m or M to indicate megabytes. The default value is chosen at runtime based on system configuration.

So, specifying -Xmx4048m in katalon.ini means that Katalon Studio is given with 4.0GB as possible maximum memory to use.


I suppose you also have -Xmx4048m as well. The runtime memory usage of Katalon Studio is controlled and will never exceed the -Xmx value. There is nothing to worry about.


By the way, you can see the installation detail in Katalon Studio GUI as well.

About Katalon Studio > Installation details > Configuration

スクリーンショット 2018-10-19 6.50.40.png


To whom it may concern,

Katalon Studio version 7.0.0 is enhanced to reduce memory consumption by adding some JVM options.

Please first check out the release note and click here to download if you want to try out version 7.0.0 (beta).



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