Any way to reduce memory consumption in Katalon docker?


I have noticed that katalon v7.0.8 docker image consumes more memory and is causing crash on my aws ec2, which never happened when i used katalon v6.3 docker image

Is there any way to reduce memory consumption in katalon v7 docker image?


Check this post:

Thanks for your reply, i have read the post:

  1. I am already using the latest katalon docker version (7.0.8)
  2. I am not able to find katalon.ini in the docker image
  3. Since i am running in console mode in katalon docker container, the solution does not apply.

@duyluong (@devalex88 @ThanhTo)

Hi @lawrence_hu

How much memory do you have ? Did you use any additional script to use Katalon Docker ?

I use aws ec2 t2.small, which has 2gb ram.
No additional script was used.

I have tested with t2.medium which has 4gb ram, and no crash occurred.

2 gb is quite small, java is resource hungry.
katalon has by default xms set to 512 mb and xmx (max heap size) to 2 gb. now, figure out that only katalon himself can grab all available memory … but you need resources also for system processes.

you can try to limit the mem allocation on the docker container himself (note thar this will however affect the execution performance, but it can prevent the machine to crash. about katalon … dunno. it may crash too)

@ThanhTo will be nice to be possible to pass some java_opts via comandline execution to override such settings, to have a better control on katalon / java processess too.
any known way to do it?

That, and this:

Katalon should ship with that setting giving priority to a file found in user’s home dir. That way, new installs wouldn’t wipe out the user preferred setting(s).

On Windows something like:

C:\Users\ibus\Katalon Studio\overrides.ini