Katalon Studio - 7.6.1

Hi Experts
My trial license expired, so I am on Katalon Studio version 7.6.1, May I know if I can integrate with Jenkins, as my company no more supports bitbucket or Jira which are paid.

  1. Please can you advise me of the steps on how to integrate with Jenkins to run the BDD Gherkin and 2. To schedule the running of test cases automatically to generate email reports.
    Thanks in advance.


Integrating with Jenkins requires users to have a Katalon Runtime Engine license. Please obtain a license to use this feature.


Thank you for the prompt response @Jass

How to intergate katalon 7.6.1 version into jenkins.anyone known pls help me


Please follow this doc to setup Katalon Runtime Engine and Jenkins integration.

Just type 7.6.1 in the Download Katalon Studio version text field.


Have do same thing but it throw the error