Integrate Jenkins with katalon

Any plz tell me all steps for integrate katalon with Jenkins

@princess.sarah.2030 If you are going to use KSE then you would also need to use Run Time engine to integrate Katalon Studio Enpertprise with Jenkins.

These steps might help.

Otherwise same steps will also work with normal Katalon Studio but that will be only supported till April 2020

I hope below information may help you-
Integration with Jenkins

  • Download and install Jenkins
  • Start Jenkins (command : java -jar jenkins.war )
  • Download and activate Katalon Runtime Engine for your machine
  • Install Katalon Studio plugin for Jenkins: Go to Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Available tab > find and select the Katalon plugin > Install .

Configuration in Katalon TestOps

You have to define a Grid Plan on TestOps before assigning the Plan to Jenkins to run the job. Learn more about how to set up Grid Plan on Local Agent in this document.

Configuration in Jenkins

  1. Go to Jenkins Dashboard.
  2. Click New Item > create a Freestyle Project > click OK .
  3. Select Execute Katalon TestOps Plan under the Build section.
  4. Enter Server URL of Katalon TestOps.
  5. Select one of the existing credentials to connect to the Katalon TestOps Server. Or you can add new ones by selecting Add.
    In the Add Credentials dialog:
  • Enter required information
  • Select Secret Text in the Kind dropdown
  • In the Secret field, copy and paste the Katalon TestOps API Key
  • In the ID field, we recommend to give a meaningful ID
  • Click Add
  1. Click Test Connection to retrieve Projects and Test Plans.
  2. Click Save to go back to the Jenkins project’s details.
  3. Click Build Now to run the job.