Plugin Katalon in Jenkins not Available

How to use integration katalon studio with jenkins, because plugin katalon not availbale in jenkins

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Did you install Katalon Runtime Engine yet? It is part of the requirement for Jenkins Integration with Katalon Studio. You can check the doc Jenkins Integration | Katalon Docs.

@chen.lee perhaps this you have to send to the product teams before asking irelevant question.
The jenkins plugin is supposed to grab KRE by himself at runtime.
However, note that:

due to:


Katalon plugin bundles Katalon utils.
Katalon utils is licensed under a non-free license
All software published by the Jenkins project must be licensed under an OSI approved open source license. This applies to all bundled libraries as well.

Shortly speaking, jenkins plugin is bye-bye until the licensing issues are fixed and security vulnerabilities addressed.

@freak.fahmi the only options you have now are:

  • install KRE manually on the executor node and run the tests through a shell script in the job
  • run your tests through a shell script step using the docker image

Thank you for the advice @bionel.

@freak.fahmi I just checked, and Katalon plugin on Jenkins currently has an issue. You can read more about it and try the proposed workaround from this report.

Given the current documentation doesn’t mention this issue to users, I would submit a ticket to the technical writing team to update this doc.

Hi all,

Thank you for your patience. We have raised the issue to our technical writing team to update the doc. They acknowledge the situation and plan to update it after our major launch in late Sep 2022. Once the doc is updated, we will inform you.

Thank you for driving us forward!