Katalon Store - Login is failing

Problem - Katalon Store Login is failing. This needs to be reviewed, resolved as soon as possible. I noticed this today when I launched Katalon Studio and got an error message stating the plugins could not be loaded. When I tried to reload them, got the same message.

Due to this, my organization cannot export automation playback result due to the Basic Report plugin having failed to load.

I currently have a Katalon login which I use to access Katalon Studio. To try to fix it, a few minutes ago I reset my Katalon password. The new PW works in regard to logging into Katalon Account, but it still fails when logging into Katalon Store. The result of the Katalon Store failed login is “504 Gateway Time-out” with this URL https://store.katalon.com/signin?returnUrl=&query=&hash=

Thank you for your report, we are investigating this issue !

In the mean time, if you have KSE license, in order to use plugin, please use Offline Plugin Feature as instructed in the video below:

Instead of logging in store, you can skip that test.

  • Open https://store.katalon.com/. You can open a different browser than the one you usually use or erase cache to log you out of the page.
  • Go to plugin you need.
  • Go to changelog.
  • Download the latest Jar file.
  • Put it in project_name/plugins folder for normal plugins, or project_name/plugins/platform folder (create one if not exists) for platform plugins.
  • Open your project in Katalon Studio, and go to Project > Settings > Plugins , select one of the following options to use plugins offline:
  • Local : Katalon Studio will install plugins from the Plugins folder only.
  • Click Reload Plugins.

When the store is online again, you can adjust the setting to Katalon Store and Local to use online plugins.

Thank you for your patience, we are working on this issue.

Thank you! The workaround you recommended worked perfectly. Plugins are now loading using the “Local” method. Thus, Katalon is being told to look to the Plugins directory of the Project for the plugin jar file with no dependency on Katalon Store authentication. This is allowing Katalon to successfully load all the plugins we need when Katalon Store login is down.

Once Katalon Store login is back up, can my organization keep the “Local” method of Katalon Studio downloading the plugins? I actually prefer this method. It provides greater confidence that the plugin load process is working correctly.

The plugins download method we had previously for each project was “Katalon Store and Local”. The Plugins folder on the left side of Katalon Studio never displayed anything though plugins were in fact loading. It didn’t provide much confidence it was working correctly. Yet, Test Suite Results could be Exported. So, it was working, but with no visible plugins on the left. The “Local” method is a better way of doing it I believe, at least for our needs.

We have 3 distinct Katalon Projects. To resolve, I’ve downloaded the Basic Report Plugin Jar File from the Katalon Store. I was not logged in at the time. I then manually placed the katalon-studio-basic-report-plugin.jar file into the Plugins folder of each of these 3 projects using Windows Explorer.

When relaunching Katalon and going to each of the projects, as expected (due to Katalon store authentication being down) I got the this message - ‘Reloading plugins…’ has encountered a problem. Error reloading plugs.

To resolve, per your steps, I Ok’d the error, went to Project > Settings > Plugins, and changed the radio button selection from “Katalon Store and Local” to “Local”. I clicked Apply and OK. Then, at top right of Katalon Studio, I clicked the User Icon and then Reload Plugins. Good, the correct confirmation message appeared. The katalon-studio-basic-report-plugin.jar file now appears in the Plugins folder on the left for each of these 3 projects.

I retried playing a Test Suite in these projects. Good, upon completion, the Export report drop-down now appears in the Result view. The results file can be successfully exported to PDF with correct content displaying.

Thanks for sharing this, I was facing same problem

But I can’t login into the store to download plugins, It is giving “504 Gateway Time-out”

The Katalon Store login issue is still occurring. This is what I did to resolve it which uses the workaround provided by Katalon.

  1. Consider clearing your browser’s cache, cookies, history.
  2. Go to https://store.katalon.com/
  3. Don’t Sign In.
  4. At the top, it says "Search plugins’. Click there, enter the name of your plugin. For me, it was “Basic Report”. Click the Search button.
  5. Click the Plugin icon, not it’s download button.
  6. For “Basic Report”, the Current URL is now: https://store.katalon.com/product/59/Basic-Report
  7. On the right, click “Changelog”
  8. Download the desired version. For me, this was the latest version.
  9. Repeat process for each Plugin that you use.
  10. In your machines downloads folder, select the downloaded jar file(s), Right-Click and Copy them.
  11. Via Windows Explorer, go to your project’s Plugins folder, and Paste the Jar file(s).
  12. Launch Katalon Studio. Open your project.
  13. Ok the System Error that may appear when it fails to find the desired plugin(s). Below is the error message I received.
  14. At the top, go to Project > Settings > Plugins. Change the radio button selection to “Local”. Click Apply and Ok.
  15. At top right, click Reload Plugins. They should now load.
  16. If you have mulitiple projects, you’ll need to place the downloaded, relevant Jar files into each Project’s Plugins folder and repeat this process.

8_13_20 - Plugin Load Fail - Due to looking for Plugin using the Katalon Store


Hi @rommelb

Everything is back to normal. Please re-login in Store or click reload plugins in Katalon Studio again. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.

Confirmed Resolved - Katalon Store login is working again.

A few minutes ago, when I signed in using the correct credentials, I got this message “Too many failed login attempts. Please visit https://analytics.katalon.com to unlock the CAPTCHA and then try again.”

I went to the analytics site, followed the interface, and was able to login. This unlocked the account. Katalon Store login then worked.

I’ll still be using the Local method of Katalon downloading plugins. If the plugins begin failing, I’ll know to download the updated jar via the Katalon Store or will update the Katalon project to download from Katalon Store. Thanks!


For me this issue is more severe than just the plugin store. It started with the plugin store but when I couldn’t log in there I thought my account may have been compromised, so I tried to change my password on katalon.com. It didn’t seem to have any effect though since I still had to use my old password to log in to katalon.com as well as analyticts.katalon.com. But that was only temporary.

Now I can no longer log in to analytics.katalon.com, nor activate my katalon enterprise license in katalon studio. It seems the password change did take effect in some places after all, although with a severe delay. Unfortunately I discarded the generated password I changed to since it didn’t seem to work.

Now I can still log in to katalon.com and forum.katalon.com with my old password but I can’t change my password. It says that my current password is wrong when I try. I also can’t reset my password since that function says my email isn’t registered.

We tried to log into the support portal to enter a support ticket, since we have a paid subscriptions and are eligible for paid support, but the account we use for that couldn’t authenticate with the support portal either. I’ve tried sending an email requesting urgent assistance but haven’t received any reply.


Thank you for your report, I have informed the team and our business team should reach out to you shortly !

As it happens, today we managed to log into the support portal and were about to post a support request, but when I was trying to take a screenshot of the failing password reset function it suddenly started working again. I have now been able to reset my account credentials and can now authenticate against all services again.

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Glad you got it working !