Unable to log in on the Store using my Katalon ID

I need to install some plugins, but am unable to log in on https://store.katalon.com/ with my Katalon ID. The login error displayed is “Invalid username or password”. I triple-checked that I can log in with the exact same details on https://www.katalon.com/ . I also tried in an incognito window, same result. Clicking “Forgot password?” on the store sign-in page just brings me to https://www.katalon.com/ (probably because I’m already logged in there). I’m going to try resetting my password next, but thought I would report this anyway in case it’s a bug to be fixed.

Update: resetting my password did nothing. Changing it to one without special characters, however, fixed the problem. Apparently there are some special characters that cause problems with logging in on the store page. This does not seem optimal to me from a security perspective >.<

Edit: additionally, using Reload Plugins in Katalon Studio failed until I had closed the program, deleted my .katalon\application.properties, started the program again and reactivated it using my new password. The program does not seem to autodetect a password change, and I couldn’t find any other way to update my password :neutral_face: