Katalon stops recording video when clicking on a link that opens a new tab

I have a test case running that when clicking on a link it opens a new tab and continues from there.
After the test case execution I receive an email with a report and a video attached; in the video, the recording stops when I click on the link that takes me to another tab, is there a way to fix that? Or is that a bug?

Thank you.

Hey @contrat, thank you for asking. Is it possible for you to share a screenshot of your screen-based recorder configuration and test case for us to check to see whether is it a problem with the setting or from your test case or a bug?

Hi @chen.lee,

This is a screenshot of the setup (If this is what you mean)

As for the test case, like I said earlier in my post, I am clicking on a link that opens in a new tab, once the link is clicked the video recorder stops and doesn’t record the next tab.
The test case it self is positive and passed the issue is from when the report is generated, the video is not capturing the new opened tab.

Hi @contrat, maybe try changing to a screen recorder instead of a browser-based recorder to see if it solves your problem?