Problem when doing a record the web

the problem I faced was like this. when I opened the browser before doing the web record, by opening a new browser, catalon will record the browser before I make a web record, and when I record it with active browser katalon it won’t open a new tab. katalon will record the site that I previously opened. like this =>

doing Record web (

katalon opening new browser and no recording

katalon recording this one

@habinata001 Katalon will always open a new session when it will start recording or when executing. It will not impact your current session that you may have opened before starting the session.

No, I mean if I open the site in the browser before doing the recording, then I do the recording so Catalon will make a new session but the new session made by catalyst cannot record, instead Catalon will record the site that I opened before I Open.
Example: I opened the youtube to see the tutorial and then I followed the direction of the tutorial that I saw, the tutorial directed me to record Google and I did it, but catalon does not record on Google but on youtube that I open. So that I can record on Google, I have to make sure there is no browser open before I do the recording, but I need to see the tutorial and do the recording simultaneously. Any suggestion

@habinata001 This has never happened with me. I have Chrome and Firefox always open on system and I do run Katalon test on same machine sometimes. It never do anything with my current session.

Do you select open with new session or continue existing session when you hit the record button ?

yes, i always select new session

@habinata001 Can you give it a try by not having any browser window open and then go straight to recording ?

if I do that, the recording will work as it should