Katalon slows down when running test suites and eventually stops running due to still open chrome instances

When running a test suite in Katalon Studio, chrome instances fail to close as we progress through the test suite, slowing down the running and eventually causing errors due to chrome being unable to open. I’ve included some screenshots of the run below. They also do not close after the test suite collection completes. This was previously running 2 weeks ago:

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Thank you for sharing your issue. I found this reference on this: Why Katalon Studio opens multiple Chrome browsers? | Katalon Docs. Please take a look

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@scott.reid Latest chrome version v124 slowing down the machine since it’s causing the CPU spike to 100%… possible workaround is to kill the chrome processes manually till updated version gets released

`Powershell.exe -Command "Get-Process -Name chrome* | foreach{taskkill /f /t /pid $_.Id}"`
C# code:

`var process = Process.Start(scriptFilePath);`


Using information from this link I found that removing the --no-sandbox chrome option from chrome and chrome (headless) resolved this issue

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Which link are we referring here? Let’s give the credit and mark the appropriate link/reference as solution