Katalon Runtime Engine doesn't close a browser

Katalon Runtime Engine 8.0.5 doesn’t close a browser (OS Windows 10), when a test suite is completed, so there are dozens of processes hang in the Task Manager. It drastically impacts a performance and a memory consuming.
On Katalon Runtime Engine 7.6 all works as expected: processes are closing, etc.
Do you have any suggestions?

Project > Settings > Execution > Post execution options

Terminate drivers after each Test Suite

Do you have this option on or off?

I would suggest you not to leave browsers opened after test cases; rather you should explicitly close browsers by calling WebUI.closeBrowser()

Thank you for your responses, but I’m talking about ENGINE, not ENTERPRISE. The settings in the Project sections are the same as on your screenshot. And on older version (which we have to use for now), the browsers close as expected, after every test suite run is completed. The issue happens since version 7.8, I guess.

For sure, we can explicitly close browser in a testcase itself, or in a test suite, etc.
@TearDownTestCase(skipped = false) // Please change skipped to be false to activate this method.
def tearDownTestCase() {
// Put your code here.
But we have a huge amount of test cases and test suites - it is a lot to do. :frowning:
It is unclear, why the Katalon Engine are closing browsers successfully after each test suite run on previous versions.


Hi @Vitallica,

Please share with us the execution log and screenshots of Task Manager when observing KRE and chromedriver processes