Katalon License

While following the link pricing link (Katalon Pricing | Flexible Plans for Teams & Projects of any size). I have few questions that came up in my mind, I am listing out all the questions could you please clarify me on the same.

1)There two types of licenses mainly one is Katalon studio Enterprise and another one is Katalon Runtime Engine. If I am opting for Katalon studio enterprise license should I get license for running it in CMD through Docker image?

2)Could you please give me a brief explanation on Katalon run time engine (Node-locked license)?

  1. I am having one virtual machine where my Katalon Docker image is configured in it. For example if I am taken Katalon run time engine (Node-locked license) how to many test scripts should I can able to run in a day or per a day?

a) in the provided link https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/intro-RE.html#use-cases what is mean by the two bullet points?

  • A license is linked to a single machine ID and for one execution session.
  • A machine can be mapped to multiple licenses (if needed).

4)If I have taken one Katalon run time engine (Node-locked license) how many sessions can I able to create? Could you more specific on session also because I do not able to relate it?

No of tester : 25

No of machines: 1 virtual Machine

In future is there any free lincese is available for running it in katalon?

Could you please provide any test consultant mail ID

So that we discuss further on our queries.Please do reply as soon as possible.

I have dropped mail to busineess@katalon …But there is no response them from past 2 weeks. could you please from consultant end help on this. I am ready to get in a call for further discussions.

I too have sent an email to business@katalon.com with no response. They switch to a licenced model but do not reply to requests.

I’ve been trying and trying to contact both the Katalon sales and Katalon technical teams to discuss questions my devOps team and I have about Katalon licenses before we can make a purchase. I’ve tried several emails to them using varioious email addresses I found on Katalon’s website. I’ve also sent mail to them via the “sales contact” button they have on many of their websites, bit so far no answer. My question for you guys is do any of you have any email addresses you use for contacting Katalon folks? Here are the email addr I’ve tried: info@katalon.com, business@katalon.com, partner@katalon.com

i think katalon team is on vacation until end of january because i tried to email and get the reply from bot saying they are not in the office and will be out from Jan. 23rd, 2020 - Jan. 30th, 2020. Please expect a delay in my responses

so i dont think they have backup team