Katalon JIRA integration Issue

Hi ,

Im trying to evaluate JIRA integration with katalon. As i dont want to mess up with our company JIRA , thought of evaluating with trial JIRA server .i have created my local JIRA server and trying to upload the bugs to my local server. Im able to upload bugs. But the attachments are not uploaded and i dont see a JIRA linked issue in Katalon.
Im facing the below error

I have given admin rights to the user. Still i see the above error

Please can any one help

Hi ,

Looks like with katalon 7.6.6 version if by deault user selects the attach screenshot or Attach log then we see the above error.

Is this a bug in katalon?

1.Also is there a way to see all issues linked to JIRA
2.Retrieve the status automatically from JIRA…
3.During execution if any tests are failed.Can this updated automatically to JIRA.

At present user need remember the JIRA id so that we can link it from katalon and also retrieve the status from JIRA .

Hi @chandan.kumar

Your integrated JIRA account should have create attachment permission to upload log and report to an JIRA issue. Please follow this official document of JIRA to manage and grant permission to your account: https://confluence.atlassian.com/adminjiraserver073/managing-project-permissions-861253293.html


Thanks. Its working now. So far the JIRA integration seems to be pretty good.
As per the info shared on katalon store for JIRA integration , user can also be able to see the katalon status on JIRA . How can i check this.

Is there a way ,if the tests failed Run1 and those tests are fixed.When user executes tests again then the test status can be updated in JIRA using Katalon,

Here is the direct link for enabling attachments for JIRA users.