Katalon 6.0.4, variables in Default profile not available in other profiles

Just upgraded to version 6.0.4. and the test cases started failing. We use profiles to run the test cases against multiple environments.
We keep common variables in the Default profile and only Environment specific variables in their respective profiles.

In previous version of Katalon, the scripts were able to get the variables defined in the Default variable, when running with different profiles.
But in 6.0.4, it returns null. This is causing our Test suites to fail.

Is this an intended behavior from 6.0+ onwards or a bug?


There is a bug in 6.0.4 that blocks you from editing variables in Script mode.

Thanks, but this is not related to editing of variables in Script mode.

Its using the variables in the script, from Default profile, while running the test cases with other profiles.

I just meant that there is a bug which may be triggering the issue you are facing.

I found another discussion