Global variables are not working in script mode

I have updated katalon studio to Version: 6.0.5, Build: 10
I’m not able to add or edit any global variables from script mode in execution profiles. And also script and Manual tabs are displayed after some times.

Is this the same issue?

Yep. Confirmed.

Also, when first opening the profile window (tab) the Manual view/Script view tabs are not visible (drag the window to another position, or resize the view, and they reveal themselves).

I had an issue where my globalvariables was no longer working and it turned out to be a bad line in the GlobalVariable.groovy file. I had removed some global variables prior to having this issue through the Katalon interface, somehow it only partially deleted one of them and it left the badline that was missing the variable name and just had = selectedVariables[’’] , removing this bad line, then they worked again. If you have build error notifications on, should see it fail on build.

I closed this because it is inactive.