Execution Profile (v5.4+)


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Does each additional profile (those in addition to default) require the developer to recreate each variable or do the additional profiles inherit from default? For instance if I had 3 variables in default but only needed one of them to change in a new “integration” profile, do I need to create all 3 variables in the integration profile or just add the one that I need overridden?


that is a good question, I too have the same one.


Hi @saikrupa_s

Profiles are independent of each other and do not follow inheritance principles.

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hi thanks Thanh To


Variable inheritance worked in version 5.10.1. It is not working in 6.0.4.


Thank you @Ryan_Manns. We are working on a fix for this.


Is it possible to feed the variables in profiles from say Jenkins job parameters? Similar to how you could set up environmental variables as Jenkins parameters for a maven project?


Yes, since Katalon 5.9 can set variables via Katalon’s console mod execution. Check out their documentation here: https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/console-mode-execution.html#katalon-command-line-options