Execution Profile (v5.4+)


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Does each additional profile (those in addition to default) require the developer to recreate each variable or do the additional profiles inherit from default? For instance if I had 3 variables in default but only needed one of them to change in a new “integration” profile, do I need to create all 3 variables in the integration profile or just add the one that I need overridden?


that is a good question, I too have the same one.


Hi @saikrupa_s

Profiles are independent of each other and do not follow inheritance principles.

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hi thanks Thanh To


Variable inheritance worked in version 5.10.1. It is not working in 6.0.4.


Thank you @Ryan_Manns. We are working on a fix for this.


Is it possible to feed the variables in profiles from say Jenkins job parameters? Similar to how you could set up environmental variables as Jenkins parameters for a maven project?


Yes, since Katalon 5.9 can set variables via Katalon’s console mod execution. Check out their documentation here: https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/console-mode-execution.html#katalon-command-line-options


Is it possible to combine variables so that the base url can be set as one variable and various paths set as other variables that are combined to give a complete path? This would make updating much simpler when the base url changes, but the paths don’t.


Another question. The documentation above shows the profile variables in script view, but in my project the variables I set up only appear in manual view.

Is there a way to see the script version of profile variables that were set up manually?

When I try adding the variables in the script view following the syntax demonstrated above, saving removes all my variable definitions (the GlobalVariableEntity lines) saving only the profile definition (GlobalVariableEntities).

I find that if I add the profile defining code into the script view, then set up or save variables in the manual view, they show up in the script view. However, no change I make in the script view is applied to the variable settings. Saving eliminates the changes made in the script view.

I am trying to work out how to be able to copy a profile from one project to another. It seemed like working from the script view to copy and paste into the new project’s profile might be the answer, but I can’t see how to make the script view changes stick.


That’s a bug Lisa. Repost this as a bug report, please.


Thank you @Russ_Thomas. In the bug reports I found that this issue had been addressed. Updating my version to 6.1.2 resolved it.


I need to change the URL depending on the environment, but it does not work when it is added to the test case. Is it possible?


Hi here,

I have a question about calling non default profiles in test collection - I set a non default profile (e.g. Note9 in the screen capture below) for a test suite to run under test collection, it somehow isn’t able to look up the global variables in the non default profile but it works if I copy and paste the same global variables to default profile and run.

Can anyone please help to suggest how should I proceed ? Thanks.