Test doesn't use the profile I chose the profile

Ver 6.1.5

It didn’t happen in last versions, it only happens now. When I choose the profile in the top right, no matter which profile I choose it will still use the default one. When I use a different one, it puts “null” where the global variable is supposed to be.

I didn’t change anything in the code or anything, just updated Katalon and it happened.

If I add a variable to the default profile, it uses the variable as it should. so there is a work around… But I can’t use different profiles.


You should have some spelling error in the variable name in the profile you are trying to use. You would need to ensure the Global variable is referenced correctly.

I am using v6.1.5 and cannot replicate this - like @manpreet.mukkar has said, check all your details once over.

This sounds potentially like an issue I had opened up in the below link.

are you certain the desired variable exists in the selected profile, if not it will default to the default profile, assuming the variable exists there.

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