Jira Integration

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Hi, I see no reference in the documentation to the field “Access token” in the Jira-plugin setup.
What am I suppose to enter here?
I have installed the plugin, but when I try to access “Katalon settings” or “Katalon BDD” under “Project Settings”, I get a message saying “App is not responding. Wait or cancel?”. And no hint about what could be wrong.

Hi @bjorn.holm

I’ve found what the required Access token is from Atlassian’s knowledge base. We will update our document soon to catch up with this update. Thanks for your feedback.

Happy Testing!


Hello, im faccing an issue related to the browser that Katalon launch to submit the issues on Jira.
Basically, the Katalon Browser is no longer supported by Jira…

Any suggestions?


Hello @Gaston_Marichal

Our team’s acknowledged this issue and will plan to fix it in the upcoming releases.


This is not yet fixed, right?