Jira Integration

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Hi, I see no reference in the documentation to the field “Access token” in the Jira-plugin setup.
What am I suppose to enter here?
I have installed the plugin, but when I try to access “Katalon settings” or “Katalon BDD” under “Project Settings”, I get a message saying “App is not responding. Wait or cancel?”. And no hint about what could be wrong.

Hi @bjorn.holm

I’ve found what the required Access token is from Atlassian’s knowledge base. We will update our document soon to catch up with this update. Thanks for your feedback.

Happy Testing!


Hello, im faccing an issue related to the browser that Katalon launch to submit the issues on Jira.
Basically, the Katalon Browser is no longer supported by Jira…

Any suggestions?


Hello @Gaston_Marichal

Our team’s acknowledged this issue and will plan to fix it in the upcoming releases.


This is not yet fixed, right?


I have the same problem

Hi Guys,

Does someone know how to avoid attach the execution Log to Jira Test Case when I run a Suite suing Katalon Studio?


Hi @fgranados,

To avoid attach the execution log to JIRA issue, you need to go to Project Settings → Plugins → JIRA and uncheck Attach Log to JIRA ticket option

Hi, I found it very hard to integrate and see results in Jira for several reason. Maybe you can help me with problems I encountered:

I installed the app as described, then in Jira I click the Create access token link

But went straight to an error:

My guess is that this page doesn’t exist anymore: Log in with Atlassian account

I successfully linked my test case to the jira issue:

But can’t see anything on the Jira side:

I’m actually comparing testing tools and this can change my feelings about Katalon… any help would be great.

Thanks a lot!

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Have you tried integrating Katalon studio / Jira / Zephyr? In our case, we change the test Case management tool from TM4J to Zephyr because we can´t execute the integration Successfully. Also for token Jira use this Link: https://id.atlassian.com/manage/api-tokens

Thanks for your reply fgranados, I used the link you gave me to generate the token. Used it, but still can’t see any Katalon input into my Jira story.

Hi, I am also facing this issue where i am getting message browser not supported. Is this fixed or any other alternative we can try?

Were you able to fix this. I am also getting same browser not supported issue.


Hello everyone,

We are aware of the issue and currently working on it. Please expect the fix to be available in the upcoming release. This issue is caused by the fact that IE is no longer supported in Jira while IE is the default browser of the current Eclipse framework used in Katalon Studio.


@Jass Test Results on Jira is not displayed. Could someone tell me how to resolve this.

Hello @Jass,

Any news about the issue related to the browser that katalon launch to submit the issues on Jira?
I’m using the katalon Studio Enterprice 7.8.2.


Hey @michele.ciavarella

We have been implementing the enhancement and expect to release it in Quarter 2, 2021.

Meanwhile, stay tuned!


So this means that in the next few months Katalon will simply not be usable for those for whom JIRA integration is mandatory.

I am so close to finishing the integration. The custom field I have is not updated with anything from Katalon.
The test results zip does load so connectivity is good but why won’t the field update? I’m not using BDD so I don’t need gherkin or the BDD integration. I simply need Passed, Failed or Error. Please tell me what custom field type I need or other missing step(s)?

I have these choices for Kanban board.
I’ve already tried short text, paragraph and dropdown with values PASSED and FAILED.