Integrating with JIRA

Dear Team,
I’m trying to integrate katalon with JIRA. I registered with JIRA using my google/gmail login.
I used my gmail login in details for authentication in katalon and got the error message below.

Just from looking at it the server URL doesnt look correct to me - Go to your Jira dashboard and copy the URL from there but remove dashboard. You should end up with something like https://jira.“your organisation name”.com.

You are attempting to login to your atlassian account which is why its throwing up this error.

See below screenshot of dashboard

So if im correct that is your atlassian dashboard, not your JIRA dashboard, Im only speaking from personal experience here but the system wont be able to integrate with this. If you navigate to JIRA then using the link you should be fine.

how do i navigate to JIRA??
Thanks for the help so far

So im asumming that you dont have JIRA if you dont know how to navigate to it - if you havent purchased it then you wont have access to it.

Thanks you @hpulsford
I’m using a trial version

The ServerUrl is correct but you need to set Proxy if your computer are under a proxy network.

set proxy in katalon?

Please read this document:


Is this what’s also affecting us; we are using single sign on for JIRA, redirects you to microsoft log in page before going on to JIRA dashboards etc. When trying to authenticate the plugin within Katalon we see the “account is invalid error”

Can we solve this with proxy? if so what do we need to set it to.

Thank you.

@duyluong any help greatly appreciated.

Hi @adam.cane,

We are working to support Microsoft login, but the fix will be applied for JIRA plugin but not JIRA integration feature (deprecated).


That’s fine @duyluong , that’s what we’re using. Thanks for the update! do you know what the estimated time is for the fix?

Wish we had known this before using the free trial time of the plug in though.


Hi @adam.cane,

This feature will be estimated to release next 2 weeks.


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Thank you.

Hi @duyluong is it possible to get an update at all on the progress of the JIRA integration update? Thanks!

Hi @adam.cane,

JIRA plugin now supports SSO account at v1.0.9 (is available on Store). We are preparing the document.

For SSO account, you will need to generate an API Token, please navigate to this site to generate: and paste the generated token to password/API Token field


Many thanks, will look into this now

@adam.cane Just want to confirm - are you using Jira Cloud or Jira Server?