Error in Katalon Add-on for Jira


I have integrated Katalon and Jira successfully. However, the Katalon add-on is not loading in Jira. It is just saying “App is not responding. Wait or cancel?”. This is the case for Katalon Settings, Katalon BDD, and Test Results. I can pull tickets from Jira to Katalon. And also I can create a Jira ticket through Katalon Studio. By the way, I have re-installed the app. However, the result is the same. Can someone please help me out?

Thanks in advance!

Hi any updates regarding this issue ?? I have the same issue

Unfortunately, there is not any updates. Still the same. I am unsure if someone is looking into this issue.

I also have problems getting the Katalon plugin for Jira to run.
I have installed the plugin, but when I in Jira go to “Project-settings” - “Katalon settings” all I get is:
“Loading app” … and then " App is not responding. Wait or cancel".
And no info about what could be wrong? So I am basically stuck.
Any help would be really appreciated

Hi again. I have contacted Atlassian support, and they have investigated this case further.
Here is their reply:

I have checked the development logs and I have observed 403 errors. This means that access to the plugin is forbidden for some reason.
I have also checked the splunk logs from my end and found access issues to the plugin.
I further checked the logs and found the message

WARN: ‘triggerPrivacyPolicySafeEvent’ has been deprecated

I suspect this due to the recent API changes - Deprecation notice and migration guide for major changes to Jira Cloud REST APIs to improve user privacy and for this reason, I would request you to engage the vendor support with the shared information so that they can review this and make further changes from their end.

Also, I have attached the log file sent to me from Atlassian (5.8 KB)

Thanks for sharing this information. I really need urgent help with this. I hope this issue will be resolved asap.

Hi. This issue has been fixed. We’re sorry for the late response.

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Integrate Katalon Studio with Jira
You need to enable JIRA Integration in order to submit issues to JIRA. …
Select Enable integration option. …
Specify information regarding your JIRA Server and login credential then click Connect button.


The issue is resolved on my end. Thanks @devalex88 and @Lewis-H for working on this! I am good now.

Jira plugin now works for me too. Thanks a lot !!

The next issue would be the katalon gherkins :smile: