Jenkins Plugin & TestOps


I wanted to execute a TestOps Plan with the katalon plugin for jenkins and noticed some issues.
The credential you are using to connect to the ServerURL has to have the same id as your API key.
Once I figured that out, I could not choose a TestPlan so I could not continue my work.

Are there any plans to address these issues or any work arounds?

Hello Jeremy
I’m not sure I totally understand what you meant by saying

I just want to make sure you have followed the last two steps:

  1. Select your existing credentials to retrieve your target Project and Test Plan. If you don’t have any credentials, you can click the Add Jenkins Credentials button and select Secret Text in the Kind dropdown.
  2. Click Test Connection to see if you can connect to TestOps successfully.

Hope it helps!




The part about he API key needing to be the same as the id of the credential seems to work as intended now, not sure what changed. But I still can’t see my test plans. I created one in our “grids” section but it does not appear on jenkins.

Also, I am using the Folder plugin in jenkins and it seems like we can’t select a credential that’s in a folder

Hi Jeremy,

Please follow these steps and see if you can execute your test plan:

  1. Remove the / character at the end of the Server URL. ("/" auto-trim will be supported soon)
  2. In Credentials, select None then select your credentials again
  3. Click Test Connection to retrieve your test plans in Grid
  4. Select your plan to execute

Please kindly reply if you cannot execute your plan.



Playing around with the traililng “/” at the end of the Server URL fixed it indeed! Thank you!

We’ve also released a new version to fix a glitch when changing values on fields. Please upgrade to the new version if you encounter this issue in the future.