Execute Katalon Studio Tests on Jenkins : reports unavailable on TestOps

  • Katalon Studio Version: 8.0.1
  • OS Version: Linux (Jenkins server)
  • Browser Version: Firefox (Headless)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a freestyle project and run the job.
  2. Report is shown uploaded to Testops. But, there are no trace of the execution on TetsOps.

Expected behavior: Test results and history should be updated in Tetsops


Last build visible on TetsOps -

proper Organization ID, Project ID and API key is being passed in CommandLine (Jenkins).

Please help me to resolve the issue?


This might help with debugging your issue. At the beginning of the Jenkins console output, you will see two commands for executing Katalon. The first command will have the parameter names and the second command will be the actual command with the parameter values. Review that command is using the correct values because Jenkins doesn’t always interpolate the values I expect. The single quotes and double quotes and Job parameters can be difficult to get right.

The highlighted part in the console where it says Katalon is uploading the results is a blanket statement. I think it always says that. Just like it says uploading to QTest, Azure and other places I don’t use.

I hope that helps.

Thank you So much. Like you mentioned parameters were not correct.