Katalon TestOps: Integration with Jenkins

What i am doing wrong with Jenkins Plugin? I’ve added Execute Katalon TestOps Plan to one Jenkins build and as you can see here everything looks fine.

But after saving, closing and opening it again the data is gone. I tried this many times without any success.

I hope somebody can help me, i didn’t find anything about this issue.

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Hi @inna.ibach,

Your settings were applied and saved, but there is an issue with reload your settings again. You can build your job normally and see the console log result. We will release a fix for this issue later.

Ok i got it, but it doesn’t work for every build like this.It works right now just for 2 of 6 builds.

So this is what i see if the report is successfully sending to TestOps:

And this if not:

How can it work for one build but not for the other with exactly the same settings?

the others didn’t send report to TestOps, because your katalon project isn’t configure integration with TestOps. How do you set up the plan and what agent version are you using ?

I’m using v1.1.3 and i did all the steps from this docs page, for example one project looks like:
here is the step in katalon studio
here is the agent i’m using

the plan looks like this

Is it important to use an own agent for each project? Would it work better? For now i’ve got just 1 agent.