Object spy - Verify and Highlight

during test replay an object can not be found. I want now to find out why. For this I want to use the object spy. The object I got just some minute ago via object spy, but maybe something went wrong. So test stopped at the point where the object can not be found. I went then to the page where the test failed in object repository and clicked on Add to Web Object Spy. Then the following window, occured, and I clicked on Spy object (active browser).

Now I would expect that the button wil be enabled, and I can spy objects (red border around elements). But this is not happening. When I am running a new instance it is working, but then I have to ligin again and navigate to the page manually. Also it seems to be another state, because then the Object can be found.

Katalon Studio
Version: 6.3.3
Build: 11

Katalon Studio is up to date.


use css selector as locator
google that how to do it with Chrome or FF

thanks for your reply, I will try it and check if the element can be found via csss selector, but that shouldn’t solve the original problem, that I can not use Object spy for active browser, should it?


not sure, never used it with this way